The FREE I.T. Risk Assessment applies to home and small business owners only.

A small business is considered to be

  • a business with less than 30 active PC users.
  • a business not running managed server environments
  • a business running from a single site

The Free I.T. Risk Assessment is valid for homes and small businesses in the greater Durban area only.

The Free I.T. Risk Assessment is NOT for any home or business that has a current in-house or outsourced I.T. service provider.

Any business that is disqualified by the above is welcome to contact Durban Computers to discuss alternative Risk Assessment options.


The Risk Assessment process, as well as all accompanying documentation, including the “Risk Assessment Feedback Document” are considered to be the sole intellectual property of Durban Computers, and are not to be disclosed to any service provider, supplier or other third party without the express written permission of Durban Computers.


The FREE I.T. Risk Assessment will be scheduled for a time and date that will be decided exclusively by Durban Computers.  All assessments will be scheduled within normal working hours, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Durban Computers reserve the right to conduct the assessment using a representative sample of data from the customer. The decision to use a representative sample or to assess the entire customer environment will be at the sole discretion of Durban Computers.


In order to perform the assessment, Durban computers staff will require access to user PC’s, file servers and network environments, as well as to the physical environments in which the I.T. infrastructure exists. By agreeing to the FREE I.T. Risk Assessment, the customer agrees to grant Durban Computers such access as may be required in order to complete the assessment.

While every care will be taken, Durban Computers accepts no liability for any damage, loss or failure to physical or digital property that may occur through the course of the Risk Assessment.


Durban Computers reserves the right to refuse to complete a Risk Assessment, free or otherwise, to any person, business or customer. 

Durban Computers reserves the right to terminate any Risk Assessment, free or otherwise, at any person, business or customer once begun.

The decision to refuse or terminate an assessment will be at the sole discretion of Durban Computers, and no correspondence will be entered into.